Sunday, 31 January 2010


A few photos from today's Fanzine Sunday event at the Collective gallery, Edinburgh.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Fanzine Sunday

This Sunday in Edinburgh: the Collective gallery invites you to take part in an informal discussion around self publishing and emergent writing practice with invited guests to facilitate conversations from the worlds of publishing, writing and online dialogues. Guest speakers include: Rose Ruane, Stephen Goodall and Yuck 'n Yum!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

body jacks 22.01.10

A list of records played by myself AKA Ben 'Jack Your Body' Robinson at the Queen's Hotel for the Generator fundraiser on Friday night:

Ris - Love-N-Music (instrumental) (Italy 1983 Proto Records, Switzerland 2004 Relish Records)

Off Limits – No Soul (Italy 1985 Speed Records)

Moskwa Television - Tekno Talk (Germany 1985 Westside Music, US 2009 Westside Music)

Ron Hardy – Sensation (dub) (US 1985 Trax, France 2009 DJ Classic Mastercuts)

Vicious Pink - Can't U C (IBM edit) (UK 1984 Parlophone, US 2009 Medusa edits)

Two Of China - Los Niños Del Parque (Germany 1986 Future Dance, US 2009 Future Dance)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (Sex Mix) (UK 1984 ZTT, UK 2003 Azuli)

Marcus Mixx - Shake That Thing (Marcus Passarani mix) (Netherlands 2006 Clone)
(original mix VIDEO)

Sunbelt - Spin It (Netherlands 1981 Euro Dance Records)

Droids - Do You Have The Force (Parts 1 & 2) (France 1976 Barclay, UK 2006 Supersound)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


The blog has been dormant for the past few days due to my laptop being called up on Yuck 'n Yum duties. Normal service ought to be resumed by tomorrow night, so do look out for thrilling posts including a tracklasting for the Generator fundraiser, exciting news about Yuck 'n Yum appearing in Edinburgh this weekend, red hot collage action and much more besides.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Black Cheryl (Colour)

I've taken delivery of a brand new scanner, and here's the inaugural image. An inferior take to the black and white version, but everybody's got to start somewhere.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Extract from Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Death on the Installment Plan:

In the beginning everybody had liked him in his new job. And then all of a sudden they didn't like him ... they were sick of his mug and everything about him ... they couldn't stand him. So they did everything in their power to make life miserable for him. They ran him down, accusing him of everything imaginable, of having dirty hands, of getting his doses wrong, of not knowing which drugs were poisonous ... of bad breath ... of wearing buttoned shoes ... When they'd tormented him so much he was ashamed to be seen in the street and after threatening a thousand times to fire him like a fart, they changed their minds and began to tolerate him for no good reason, except that they were sick of regarding him as a punk ...
All the filth, the envy, the vexation of the district had put its mark on his map. He'd suffered all the gall and rancor of the pen-pushers in his clinic. The hangovers of the 14,000 alcoholics of the district, the gastric catarrhs, the excruciating stoppages of the 6,442 cases of clap that he wasn't able to cure, the ovarian pangs of the 4,376 menopause cases, the querulous anxiety of 2,266 sufferers from high blood pressure, the irreconcilable contempt of 722 bilious headaches, the persecution mania of 47 tapeworm owners, plus the 352 mothers of children with worms, and the nondescript mob, the vast horde of masochists with manias of every kind, the eczema patients, the albuminous, the diabetic, the fetid, the palsied, the vaginous, the useless, the "too muches," the "not enoughs," the constipated, the repentant queers, whole shipments of murderers had been flowing over his face, cascading under his glasses morning and afternoon for thirty years.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Suicide - Ghost Rider

Ben "Jack Your Body" Robinson

GENERATORprojects invites you to

9PM - 1AM


Thursday, 14 January 2010


I don't know who started this game on Facebook, but here are the updates from a few of my friends:

Here's the game: Grab the book nearest you. Right now. • Turn to page 56. • Find the fifth sentence. • Post that sentence AS YOUR STATUS. AND POST these instructions in a comment to this status. • Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST book!!

Scott Neon - Then he clenched his stinking red rooker and let me have it right in the belly, which was unfair, and all the other millicents smecked their gullivers off at that, except the top one and he kept on with this weary like bored grin.

Dave Bowie - "There was a small army of regulars; arty, delicate types who might not go to a place like Fagan's or the other normal clubs in town (because they were full of lager louts), but who came to the Hacienda because they felt safe."

Ryan Weir - they sweated with passion, but also with the heat

Naomi Campbell - They're either working in a factory or fiddling with something or other.

Skint Richie - the true answer is i dont know, and im not sure news presentation is the right thing to get worked up about today.

Ben Robinson - He durst not speak aloud, for fear of disturbing the Caliph, and not a soul was stirring in the precincts of the palace.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

records receipts

A DJing gig has appeared on the horizon, so I bought a few new records accordingly:

Marcello Napoletano - The Space Voodoo (Mathematics US), £11.91

Medusa Edits: Reflection Series #6 (Medusa Edits US), £6.80

Ron Hardy - Sensation (DJ Classics Mastercuts France), £6.80

A Wardrobe for Work

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Any glaring gaps in your collection of Scotland's premier art zine? Well worry not as issues from autumn 08 to autumn 09 now are online for your viewing pleasure. The first four zines will be online very soon too: LINK

Monday, 11 January 2010

The Hot 100

A complete list of artists who have contributed work to Yuck 'n Yum over the years:

Aaron & Valsamina

Alex Hetherington

Amy Jones

Amy Todman

Anna Orton

Andrea Sayers

Andrew Dodds

Andrew Maclean

Andy Sim

Attic Archive

Barry Scott

Ben Robinson

Catrin Jeans

Catherine Weir

Celiemas Seasonal Band

Clare Brennan

Claudia de la Pena

Dan Howard-Birt

Daryl Smith

David Maclean

David Reid

Derek Lodge

Donna Holford - Lovell

Dylan Drummond


Edward Shallow

Eilidh McNair

Eileen Towns

Ewan Manson

Eykah Badu

Frank Marra

Fraser MacDonald

Fiona Gordon

Gayle Meikle

Graham Frew

Ger O’Brien

Holger Mohaupt


Hyena Ger

Iain Sturrock

Ink & Mess

Janey Muir

Jason Nelson

Jen Collins

Jill Skulina

John Alan Birch

John Heffernan

John Louden

Jonathan Baxter

Jonathan Kelham

Jonny Reding

Kai-oi Jay Yung

Kevin McCluskey

Kevin Mcphee

Kier Cooke Sandvik

Kimberley Bright

Kim Walker

Kirsty Buchanan

Kristina Johansen

Kyle McKelvie

Laura Simpson

Lauren Gault

Louisa Preston

Luke Collins

Luke Drozd

Me and Him

Michael Mallet

Michelle Souter

Miranda Blennerhassett

Nadia Rossi

Naomi Campbell

Nero Acrilico

Neil McIntee

Norman Shaw

O.B. De Alessi

Paul Milne

Richie Cumming

Rob Birchall

Rob Hunter

Robin Thomson

Ross McLean

Ryan Weir

Sam Spreckley

Sanna Dyker

Sarah Laing

Sasha Jackson

Scott Duncan

Simon Reekie

Sneha Solanki

Steven Cairns

Steven Crichton

Stuart Fallon

Stuart Lorimer

Stuart McAdam

The Lonely Piper

The Unknown Artist

Ufuk Gueray

Val Norris


Volker Rosenberg

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Claiming asylum owing to my flat's frozen pipes, I'm sat away from home sheltering and watching hours' worth of vintage public information films. Here is a selection of the most terrifying:

Saturday, 9 January 2010

me me me

A few old photos of my good self have surfaced on Facebook; safe to say that the years have not been kind and since then I've aged terribly.


Extract from Quentin Crisp, The Naked Civil Servant:

The men of the ‘twenties searched themselves for vestiges of effeminacy as though for lice. They did not worry about their characters but about their hair and their clothes. Their predicament was that they must never be caught worrying about either. I once heard a slightly dandified friend of my brother say, 'People are always accusing me of taking pride in my appearance.’
The sexual meaning of behaviour was only sketchily understood, but the symbolism of clothes was recognized by everyone. To wear suede shoes was to be under suspicion. Anyone who had hair rather than bristle at the back of his neck was thought to be an artist, a foreigner or worse. A friend of mine who was young in the same decade as I says that, when he was introduced to an elderly gentleman as an artist, the gentleman said, ‘Oh I know this young man is an artist. The other day I saw him in the street in a brown jacket.’

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Day Is Done - a film by Mike Kelley, £23.87

Louis-Ferdinand Celine - Death on the Installment Plan, £13.07

Jan Svankmajer's Alice/Shorts DVD, £11.00

Albert Goldman - Freakshow: Misadventures in the Counterculture, 1959-1971, £2.21

Quentin Crisp - The Naked Civil Servant, £1.70

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

State of the Art Nation

Stop the press, my authoritative guide to the Dundee art scene has appeared in the new issue of The Skinny: LINK

Saturday, 2 January 2010


Extract from William Beckford's note on the party at Fonthill House, Christmas 1781:

Immured we were 'au pied de la lettre' for three days following – doors and windows so strictly closed that neither common daylight nor commonplace visitors could get in or even peep in – care worn visages were ordered to keep aloof – no fallen mouths or furroughed foreheads were permitted to meet our eye. Our société was extremely youthful and lovely to look upon... Throughout the arched halls and vast apart(ment)s…prevailed a soft and pure radiance – distilled with much skill under the direction of Loutherbourg…. The solid Egyptian Hall looked as if hewn out of a living rock. The line of apartments being infinite were all vaulted – a gloomy staircase, which appeared, and which was in fact of enormous height, led to suites of stately apartments gleaming with marble and pavements –. Above these princely rooms a broad flight of richly carpeted stairs led to another world of decorated chambers and a gallery…still above there was a further labyrinth of chambers filled with curious works of arts and precious cabinets. Through all these suites – through all these galleries – did we wander and wander – too often hand in hand – strains of music swelling forth at intervals – sometimes the organ – sometimes concerted pieces – in which P[acchierotti], T[enducci] and R[auzzini] – for a wonder of wonders – most amicably joined – sometimes a chaunt was heard – issuing, no-one could divine from whence – innocent affecting sounds. I seem even at this long distance to be warmed by the genial artificial light that Loutherbourg had created throughout the whole of what appeared a necromantic region, or rather, one of those fairy realms where K[ing]s’ daughters were held in thrall by a powerful Magician – one of those temples deep below the earth set apart for tremendous mysteries…at every stage of this enchanted palace tables were swung out covered with delicious consummations and tempting dishes, masked by the fragrance of a bright mass of flowers, the heliotrope, the basil and the rose – even the splendour of the gilded roof was often masked by the vapour of wood aloes ascending in wreaths from cassolettes placed low on the floor in salvers and jars of Japan. The glowing haze, the mystic look, the endless intricacy of the vaulted labyrinth produced an effect so bewildering that it became impossible for anyone to define exactly where at the moment he was wandering…It was the realization of a romance in all its fervours, in all its extravagance. The delirium in which our young fervid bosoms were cast by such a combination of seductive influences may be conceived but too easily.