Thursday, 31 December 2009

the 00s

So who's up for some parlour games then? Seeing as I've an hour to kill before friends arrive for NYE, what follows is a short list of stuff that represents the decade's highlights for me. Doubtless you've already seen hundreds of such lists; well here's another.


NIGHT OUT: I-f @ the Brunswick Hotel, Glasgow

ALBUM: Scott Walker - The Drift

BOOK: Dennis Cooper - My Loose Thread

RECORD: Unit 4 - Body Dub

EXHIBITION: Mike Kelley - The Uncanny, Tate Liverpool
Picture: Tony Matelli, Sleepwalker

TV: The Thick Of It

MALE STYLE ICON: Pep Guardiola

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Getting Up

The Getting Up project that Yuck 'n Yum recently took to Inverness now has its own dedicated mini-area on the site: LINK

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Yuck 'n Yum winter 09 issue

The winter 09 issue of Yuck 'n Yum is now online and available for your delectation: LINK

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Inverness documenta

Lots of very cool photos of the recent Inverness field trip, including a couple featuring my own unwholesome visage in the very lower depths, here: LINK

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Yuck 'n Yum @ Inverness

To Inverness today with Yuck 'n Yum for the Getting Up festival. I took a few photos before the battery ran out, and here they are:


The operations room

To the Yuck 'n Yum-mobile, let's go!

Rear view

Frozen grey horror

An appropriately named cafe hosted us

The view from inside the Yum cafe

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Martin Boyce review / The Skinny

My review of the Martin Boyce show has appeared in The Skinny: LINK

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Black Mass / Small Print

Here is the chalice of fleshly lust. We give you details of our current account interest rates, charges (such as monthly account fees, charges for certain card payments and overdraft charges) and charging dates (such as billing periods) in our banking charges and interest rates guides or other additional conditions. Let us pray. You can also find them out by contacting us and on our website. Taught by infernal example we may presume to say: We may change our interest rates, charges and charging dates under condition 15. Our Father, Who art in Hell, Hallowed be Thy Name; Thy kingdomcome; Thy will be done on earth as it is in Hell; We will calculate any interest we pay or charge on a daily basis unless we have told you otherwise. Give us this day our daily light; Send forth Thy spirit & renew the face of the earth; We do not pay interest on amounts of less than £1. Deliver us unto luxury; Deliver us unto the plenteousness of Thy house; The additional conditions will tell you when we pay interest, if any, on your account. Let us walk as in the day; Eat fat meats & drink sweet wines; Let us fornicate; This is usually monthly, three monthly, six monthly or yearly. And, that our hearts may be prepared for it, Inflame them with the fire of Thy live, Lord Satan. If the day interest is due to be paid on an account is not a working day, we will pay interest up to, and on, the next working day. I am the root & stock of Lucifer, the bright and morning star. Come over to me all ye that desire me and be filled with my fruits. We will pay interest by crediting it to your account. Darkness shall cover me, & night shall be my light in the pleasure. We pay compound interest once interest is credited to your account as it becomes part of the account balance and counts towards the amount we pay interest on. But the darkness shall not be dark, & night shall be as the light of day. Where we add interest to your account, we pay it “net” (taking off income tax at the standard rate) unless we are allowed to pay you gross interest (without taking off tax). Let us give thanks to the Infernal Lord, our God. For example we can do this if you (or all of you on a joint account) give us a completed Form R85 (or any replacement form). It is meet & just so to do. You can get the form from our branches or from HM Revenue & Customs. It is truly meet and just that we should at all times and in all places give thanks to Thee, Lord, Infernal King, Emperor of the World. Higher rate tax payers may have to pay additional tax themselves. Jubilantly all the infernals praise Thee, & with these we join our own voices to say: We will charge you any interest at the end of every monthly billing period unless we tell you otherwise in the additional conditions of your account. Hail, Hail, Hail. We may also charge you compound interest. Lord Satan, God of Power, earth and Infernus are filled with Thy Glory. We may take any interest and charges you owe us from the same account, or from your other accounts as allowed under condition 17. Hosanna in the depths. We will tell you personally about overdraft charges and interest you have to pay at least 14 days before we take them from your account.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ryan Trecartin @ Tramway


Start Time: 20:57:00

Online: Nightridr43, _Black_Acrylic

N43: Are you reading? N43: I think you should be typing and not reading _B: Yep I'm both typing and reading N43: mummy blog is here too somewhere _B: ORLY? _B: Hmmm where to begin N43: did you know that hurricane katrina destroyed the trecartin house and a load of his work..... N43: what a bummer _B: Yeah he lives in Kansas now I think N43: in a house like from the wizard of oz? N43: I imagine _B: Bad for storms there too then N43: yes yes _B: He's only 27 N43: he looks younger I think N43: Pretty young for such a load of work, good work and all _B: He looks v different with no makeup N43: yeh i know N43: right?!
Mummy Bloghead has been added to the conversation
MB: “If I didn’t take the liberties to glue these prop knobs onto my safe space, who would you think that I’d be? MB: I declare MSN messenger space to be MY AREA N43: are you here mummy bloghead? MB: I am here! N43: we lost you _B: Mummy Bloghead in the house N43: you were in another box somewhere MB: Ah indeed MB: I might have been in another area N43: I hear you N43: M-S-N get some CONTINUITY already! MB: MSN has some area crossover I do believe _B: Right! _B: Anyone here seen A Family Finds Entertainment? N43: YES N43: once MB: I haven't but I read about it a minute ago _B: I found his YouTube channel last night N43: I like it the best I think _B: You seen YO! A Romantic Comedy? N43: Go to Whole Foods and take what is yours!!!! N43: NO MB: I haven't! _B: YO!'s pretty good. His debut _B: Still a schoolboy! N43: I'll get on it. _B: I recognise the actress from his other films _B: It's all his friends and family etc N43: philangina? _B: hmm maybe MB: I'm watching a family finds entertainment the now _B: He's doing a film about the economy next _B: In a Trecartin way MB: amazing _B: Should be v cool no doubt N43: murder on the dance floor you broke my door MB: "Why did you delete your birthmom?" "I need to feel both directions." MB: I'm watching clips of IB Area on youtube MB: "SHIT! I'm clairvoying a total pasta melt." _B: I put loads of clips on Facebook, My friends must be sick of it MB: "You keep self-centering in my only bedroom. Shit!” _B: Tramway was the 1st time I saw RT films in a gallery MB: If you do not reign me in I shall continue to talk in quotes N43: Me 2 MB: It was the first time I had ever seen an RT film. _B: Hey Mummy Bloghead how was it for you then? MB: It was an assault on my eyes. _B: And the brain but in a good way I hope MB: Yeah. It did really hurt. N43: he is a grower MB: I think i prefer watching him on Youtube N43: keep watching MB: I have more control over him that way _B: It's different. Big screen's more of a headfuck N43: yeh and you can rewind it and stuff N43: It was intense. N43: My hair was frizzy by the end of it _B: Cinema's nice and communal MB: I think there were a few points where I did have to close my eyes for a bit N43: I thought you might hate it a bit mummy MB: like a lame-o _B: You can hear people LOL in the cinema, it's good MB: totally NR43: totally 2 MB43: I didn't hate it, I really liked it. I just found it so painful and exhausting _B: Nobody hated it! MB: and I kept trying to establish this narrative frame in my head but then I would be so overwhelmed by what was going on that I forgot whatever narrative arc I had made up _B: There's not really a linear narrative, AFFE has more of one MB: yeah MB: i didn't really expect there to be one, but because it was feature length I think I wanted there to be one, just so I could deal with it _B: Tommy Chat Just Emailed me was the most abstract N43: linear narratives, who needs them these days _B: True N43: theres no time for nonsense N43: pass me a cheese string MB: I also kept forgetting the characters and getting confused with who was who _B: It doesn't matter all that much N43: everyone's the same mummy, i think _B: It's all family or school MB: yeah _B: Maybe the economy is next MB: I think I wasn't sure whether to keep concentrating or to let it wash over me N43: family, school and the economy? _B: Like a trilogy of institutions? N43: i know that feeling. its a daily decision for me. MB: haha! _B: yep

End Time: 22:26:27

On 12th November 2009 Glasgow’s Tramway screened two films by Ryan Trecartin: Tommy-Chat Just E-mailed Me (2006, 7:15 min), and I-Be AREA (2007, 1:48 hr).

Nightridr43, _Black_Acrylic and Mummy Bloghead are artists based in Scotland.

Ryan Trecartin’s YouTube channel:

Martin Boyce review

Martin Boyce, No Reflections @ DCA

Following the success of his commission for the 2009 Venice Bienale, Martin Boyce’s lyrical installation No Reflections arrives in the comparatively pristine galleries of the DCA. Away from the fading grandeur of its original 15th century Palazzo setting the work now finds itself available for viewing in a markedly different context. Despite this shift, its evoking of absence and melancholy proves strong enough to last the journey. Much of the show, uprooted and transported, summons the feeling of an abandoned public space, a few crepe paper leaves littering the floor as they flutter in a breeze blown by grills embedded in the gallery walls. They lie scattered around a set of sculptures whose angular forms are presented to us in deliberately distressed wood and steel. In their new habitat this group of objects casts its spell through a distinction between the purity of the archetypal immaculate white cube and the whispered hints of decay around its fringes. The artist has returned to the iconography of the public park, the inherent loneliness of empty benches and steel bins, and the feelings of unease that cling to this neglected furniture. In the main gallery a pair of huge towering steel partitions divides up the room with slabs of brilliant colour, a vivid red block contrasting with the barbed wire steel bed found nearby and a distressed empty bird house standing backed by a block of bright yellow. Hanging high above dotted around the galleries’ light fixtures are sculptures based on concrete trees created in 1925 by Joël and Jan Martel, their forms now inverted to become ‘geometric chandeliers’, what the artist refers to as ‘a collapse of architecture and nature’. The objects in these rooms wind up conjuring a dream half-life, an invocation of sadness in the abandoning of a future.

Martin Boyce, No Reflections, DCA

Two Benches

The Park

Gravity Pavilion

Crimson Blossom

A Forest

There are Places

A Raft in the Roof

No Brilliantly Coloured Birds

Evaporated Pools

The Garden

Out of this Sun, Into this Shadow

Petrified Songs

A River in the Trees

Friday, 11 December 2009


Hit the town tonight to flyer the Martin Boyce opening at the DCA, before heading for the Yuck 'n Yum launch at the Hannah Maclure centre.

Me wearing a black-and-white Yuck 'n Yum-themed outfit, featuring my new Raf Simons jacket

Mortal Crypt