Thursday, 25 October 2007


To Aberdeen for an installation at the Limousine Bull artists’ space by Miranda Blennerhassett and Kevin McPhee. That these two Dundee-based artists should collaborate together does make a degree of sense. Both had previously made work individually that staged interventions within interior spaces, producing dislocating and unsettling effects. Rooms would be made unhomely through the shadows of marauding plantlife cast against the walls, or by the spilling of reflective black liquid across the floor. The impression was of trinkets being toyed with by poltergeists, and of decorative surfaces doubling up as doppelgangers.

The untitled, very minimal installation here saw the artists deal with spatial relationships, specifically with positive and negative space evoked through two and three-dimensional means. A large angular turquoise shape rested against one wall, while opposite a painting was rendered directly onto the wall and floor in flat, institutional greys. The display saw both artists execute a slick show full of formal élan. Still, I left feeling nostalgia for the discomforts of triffids and ectoplasm.

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