Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Not really a review, but I posted a few thoughts on the forum about this weekend's Generator show.

The show was good, and I would have taken some photos but my camera is broken.

The gallery handout explained the show's title, something to do with the 6th century philosopher Boethius who had apparently invented a musical sequence based on an error, hence the "Boethian slip". I looked it up on the interweb and couldn't find anything to corroborate this, so... is it the truth?

One piece was a video interviewing various people about their feelings for the British flag. All unremarkable, but there was an introduction saying the artist had gone missing a few years ago and had left the video behind as his final artwork. Did he really? Was that the truth?

For me the interest in the show was in trying to unravel what was fact and what was fantasy. I've not had anyone confirm that was the point though, and I'm happy enough with what could well be an aberrant reading on my part.

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