Monday, 22 September 2008


Had a weekend off from blogging. Safe to say that Saturday's NEON gig was a resounding success for the DJs at least. We took over a posse of 7 people, all of whom had a wonderful time, and although the event itself could hardly be called busy (an audience of about 7!) it was still nice to play records over a decent PA. Meanwhile when it came to freebies the NEON entourage were spoiled rotten.

Having arrived at about 8, we headed straight to the restaurant just in time to get in an order of food from the kitchen staff who were all about to finish their shift. I ordered shark on a bed of beetroot, and sank rather a lot of wine. After a long and debauched party late into the night, it was time for a huge cooked breakfast and a day spent soaking up the sun in the grounds of the hotel. Later it was time for another huge meal, this time a Sunday roast of wild boar with Yorkshire pudding, washed down with a good few bottles of a local organic brew called the Black Isle Blond. All in all we were all treated like royalty and it's just a shame that things like that don't happen every weekend.

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