Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Minimal Wave in Italy

This has got to be one of the best things I've heard of late. I've long had a fondness for that musical genre known as Minimal Wave, a style that emerged in Europe during the early 80s-post-punk era, characterised by deadpan, mournful vocals, glacial synthesizers, tinny percussion and killer pop hooks. An arcane and prohibitively expensive scene to be into, but newbies could do a lot worse than to check out the blog named 7" from the underground, which collects together some of the more covetable releases.

I've been especially enjoying the mix Minimal Wave in Italy: LINK

mannequinmailorder: "Here's a Minimal / Dark Wave compilation that i mixed and compiled for a radio show that was planned to be on a italian fm radio, Radio Onda Rossa. Hope it will be online soon also on East Village Radio, obviously thanks to Veronica (Minimal Wave label).

Note that ALL the bands/projects included in the mix are from Italy" :-)


doris norton - caution radiation norton
aus decline - she gave me algedy
lass crime - land of nothing
xno - the story of the death boy
chromagain - after the clouds
monuments - monuments from the future
mr. andrew - the bats
lisfrank - i still believe in love
cold phoenix - la fleur du destin
militia - limbo
baciamibartali-winterlight - isao
vena - insane
metal vox - future world
suicide dada - acque
san vito dance - boring sunday
atelier du mal - untitled

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