Sunday, 22 February 2009


Remember those heady days of two weeks ago? Ah, such an innocent time, the world all seemed so fresh and thrilling and new, I had two working hips and a fresh bag of records to play for the eager crowds present at the Epiphany afterparty. Sadly to our disgust the venue had just the one working turntable, a sorry state of affairs for a supposedly professional set-up such as Drouthy’s, one described by my colleague Scott as “an outrage” and he wasn’t wrong. It was the same sketch four months ago for the Yuck ‘n Yum launch. Could NEON really be the only DJs playing vinyl in the whole of Dundee? Still we soldiered on regardless and it actually ended up being a good night, lots of people in attendance, a good time had by all etcetera and so forth. What follows is, I hope, a fairly accurate description of my part of the playlist.

Chris & Cosey – Fantastique (Carl Craig mix)
Rude 66 – Horrified
Unit Black Flight – No Turning Back (Legowelt mix)
Ann-Margret - Midnight Message (Loud-E-Fied Discoproduction)
Purple Flash – We Can Make It
Transport - Computer World (12inch 1985 Computer Edit)
English Electric - DRM (Dicky Trisco mix)
Dennis Parker – Like An Eagle
Ajello – Radiation B-X
Public Relations – Eighty Eight
Sneak-Thief – My Sullen Mistress
Trophy – Slow Flight
No More – Suicide Commando
Mr. Pauli – Jap Fab
Peppermint Lounge – Perfect High
Barry Mason – Body! Get Your Body

Sylvester - I Need Somebody To Love Tonight
Rheingold - Dreiklangs-Dimensionen
One-Two-Three – Midnite Fantasy
Alexander Robotnick - Made In China (Orgue Electronique mix)
Ralphi Rosario – In The Night
Traxx ft Legowelt – Stranger In The Strangest Of Lands
Azoto – Exalt Exalt
Grackle - Disco (Musiccargo mix)
Yello – Vicious Games
Stopp – I’m Hungry (Caramba Mix)
Future Perfect – Sato Agrepo
Black Gold – C’mon Stop

All records mixed the old-fashioned lo-tech way, ie by lifting the needle once the tune ends, taking the record off then cueing up the next. Hardly seamless but still, there were no complaints.

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