Friday, 27 November 2009

MSN preview

The forthcoming issue of Yuck 'n Yum will feature an MSN Messenger chat between myself, Nadia Rossi and Perri MacKenzie on the subject of the young US artist Ryan Trecartin. In the interests of full disclosure what follows is all the chat that was left on the cutting-room floor:

nightridr43 says: (20:57:59)

are you keeping your name as ben?

nightridr43 says: (20:58:08)

i changed mine

Ben says: (20:58:17)

how do I change it?

nightridr43 says: (20:58:38)

go to MESSENGER then preferences i think

_Black_Acrylic says: (20:59:15)


_Black_Acrylic says: (20:59:41)

Not a bad turnout

nightridr43 says: (20:59:56)

for so

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:07:30)

what happened to your blogger name mssnrossi huh?

nightridr43 says: (21:07:49)


_Black_Acrylic says: (21:07:49)

We tried to have a Yuck 'n Yum meeting on Messenger earlier, total fucking disaster

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:07:57)

ah rubbish

nightridr43 says: (21:08:02)

really? how come?

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:08:12)

you're not showing up as niteridr anymore, that's all

nightridr43 says: (21:08:29)

i am on my convo box.....?

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:08:35)

here too

nightridr43 says: (21:08:50)


Mummy Bloghead says: (21:08:53)

oh that'S a funny one

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:09:13)

I think my version of messenger is full of bugs

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:09:18)

it won't let me change my picture

nightridr43 says: (21:09:33)

green fat man it is then

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:09:36)

I wanted something more matronly, more bloglike, but no.

nightridr43 says: (21:09:39)

could be worse.....

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:09:50)

you're looking green around the gills

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:10:14)

In my one I look blue

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:10:15)


_Black_Acrylic says: (21:10:45)

my picture's old. I've aged terribly since then

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:11:02)


_Black_Acrylic says: (21:19:12)

So who came as PASTA?

nightridr43 says: (21:19:27)

no one in the end

nightridr43 says: (21:19:36)

i had rice for dinner though

nightridr43 says: (21:19:43)


_Black_Acrylic says: (21:19:53)

It's a good look

nightridr43 says: (21:19:53)


Mummy Bloghead says: (21:19:57)

I was thinking of coming as Amerisha

nightridr43 says: (21:20:02)

I always forget about rice

nightridr43 says: (21:20:18)

I will be Shin then

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:20:36)

It just made a noise

nightridr43 says: (21:20:37)

I know she is kind of like pasta thou

nightridr43 says: (21:20:44)

what did?

nightridr43 says: (21:20:53)

our converstaion?

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:20:58)

The thing, the messenger

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:21:17)

Like a chime

nightridr43 says: (21:21:28)

Oh maybe it was just re organising something inside

nightridr43 says: (21:21:38)


nightridr43 says: (21:21:48)

I think you have an email

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:21:50)

I'll go check

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:22:04)

A new area might have been created

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:22:16)

(I will shut up about areas soon I promise)

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:22:26)

A message on Facebook

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:22:37)

Very 2.0

nightridr43 says: (21:22:40)

Speaking of areas, how is yours mummy bloghead?

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:23:40)

It's good thanks, expanding slowly

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:23:56)

How's your area niteridr?

nightridr43 says: (21:24:11)

same old, same old

nightridr43 says: (21:24:20)

not much to report

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:24:25)

Mine's decrepit

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:25:07)

I like it that way

nightridr43 says: (21:25:08)


_Black_Acrylic says: (21:25:23)

Yep it's cool

nightridr43 says: (21:25:32)

like cold or kewl

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:25:41)

I really love Skippy

nightridr43 says: (21:25:49)

i hat spotify ads

nightridr43 says: (21:25:54)


_Black_Acrylic says: (21:26:20)

Skippy's kewl. Don't know Spotify ads

nightridr43 says: (21:27:09)


Mummy Bloghead says: (21:27:21)

Skippy and I Be make me think of members of Nsync

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:27:55)

Which NSync?

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:28:01)

I'm not sure

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:28:02)


Mummy Bloghead says: (21:28:08)

maybe Justin yeah

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:28:18)

Don't know any more

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:28:33)

I'm more Take That

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:28:55)

or E17

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:29:50)

Boybands are over these days, now it's all indie schmindie

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:30:14)

Or arty farty

nightridr43 says: (21:30:20)


_Black_Acrylic says: (21:30:39)

Don't apologise

nightridr43 says: (21:31:13)

im back...went to source some hot dessert but could only find cerea;

nightridr43 says: (21:31:15)


nightridr43 says: (21:31:51)


nightridr43 says: (21:32:03)

i tried to press the like button

nightridr43 says: (21:33:20)

are we talking about the right things black acrylic....?

nightridr43 says: (21:33:29)

you are in charge in here

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:33:55)

Higher things like RT?

nightridr43 says: (21:34:36)

well i mean is this how we should talk, or should we talk in another kind of way

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:35:14)

This is cool. Talk how you feel like!

nightridr43 says: (21:36:27)

I had perfume called me2 when I was young

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:36:48)

I've not memorised enough quotes

nightridr43 says: (21:37:04)

mummy bloghead is a cheat

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:37:15)

I am a cheat-

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:37:22)

a dirty cheat.

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:46:49)

Home - School - Bank

nightridr43 says: (21:47:17)

banks, geez get out of there

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:47:37)

I work in one, it sucks!

nightridr43 says: (21:47:38)

i'm putting my cash under my bed from now on

nightridr43 says: (21:48:04)

1 pound a day interest on the overdraft and a fiver if you go over

nightridr43 says: (21:48:10)

total bump

nightridr43 says: (21:48:47)

i was working in a toy shop today

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:48:55)

Oh man. Or you can switch to the Ultimate Reward Account... wait I'm not at work

nightridr43 says: (21:48:55)

mummy were you at work?

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:49:32)

I was at work today

nightridr43 says: (21:49:34)

STOP B.A, they are taking over you from the inside out

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:50:06)

They'll never break me! Besides I'm an anarchist

nightridr43 says: (21:50:15)

what did you do today at work mummy?

nightridr43 says: (21:50:29)

an ar christ

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:50:40)

Where's mummy disappeared?

nightridr43 says: (21:51:09)

i don't know, but she is holding this family together...she better come back quick

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:51:20)

How was the toy shop anyway?

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:51:32)

I'm here!

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:51:40)


Mummy Bloghead says: (21:51:45)

I had to deal with my least favourite age group today.

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:51:54)

children aged 6-8.

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:51:58)

it was HIDEOUS

nightridr43 says: (21:51:59)

i made paper chains and a lucky dip ice box with fake snow and tinsel

nightridr43 says: (21:52:11)

it cost 50p to have a go

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:52:14)

Teenagers are worst

nightridr43 says: (21:52:35)

6-8, hmmm. do boys like girls at that age?

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:52:37)

At least teenagers can kind of engage with you

nightridr43 says: (21:52:45)

like in a friendly way not a fancy way

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:52:55)

Boys like girls at all ages

nightridr43 says: (21:53:00)

I can never remember what age you hate boys at

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:53:10)

at 6 to 8 they never ever remember your name, even if you've been working with them for months

nightridr43 says: (21:53:10)


nightridr43 says: (21:53:17)


Mummy Bloghead says: (21:53:23)

and when they talk to you they have this unfocused look that really gets to me

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:53:43)

You say you hate girls to look cool but secretly you love them and feel ashamed

nightridr43 says: (21:53:46)

like the look thats on my face most of the time?

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:53:53)


Mummy Bloghead says: (21:53:59)

Especially on your wee boy face

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:54:29)

I got IDd the other week in M&S

nightridr43 says: (21:54:35)

i only have that look because there is too much to look at and listen to and get out of the way of

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:54:49)

aw no!

Mummy Bloghead says: (21:54:57)

I suppose both you and niterider have wee boy faces then

nightridr43 says: (21:55:10)

suppose so

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:55:29)

Just carry ID

nightridr43 says: (21:56:33)

I do

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:56:47)

I don't have any

nightridr43 says: (21:57:05)

You should make some out of something you've had for years

nightridr43 says: (21:57:20)

And be like, I've had this for years, I'm old

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:57:41)

Not carrying my passport everywhere

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:57:56)

Carry a really old teddy bear

nightridr43 says: (21:58:28)

Yes but bearcareful not to lose him

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:58:41)


_Black_Acrylic says: (21:58:53)

tie him to your coat

nightridr43 says: (21:59:12)

using a key ribbon, mummy has one of those

nightridr43 says: (21:59:19)

its blue and has lots of keys on it

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:59:22)

good idea

nightridr43 says: (21:59:28)

do you think we will still have keys in the future?

nightridr43 says: (21:59:43)

we won't have wires or real money

_Black_Acrylic says: (21:59:48)

it will all be microchips

nightridr43 says: (22:00:10)

like sd cards? will they look like those?

_Black_Acrylic says: (22:00:27)

what are sd cards?

nightridr43 says: (22:00:40)

those wee cards you get in your camera

Mummy Bloghead has left the conversation.

_Black_Acrylic says: (22:01:08)

come back Mummy Bloghead!

_Black_Acrylic says: (22:01:57)

Well that's cool, we have a lot of material there

nightridr43 says: (22:02:13)

think we do?

nightridr43 says: (22:02:56)

what are you thinking...taking a wee bits from this and adding it to the text you sent earlier or something?

_Black_Acrylic says: (22:03:13)

Yeah, it can be edited. If you think of any good points you can email them as well

nightridr43 says: (22:03:52)

sure thing

_Black_Acrylic says: (22:04:13)

Nice 1, cheers nightridr43

nightridr43 says: (22:04:36)

no problem ba, takes me back being on msn....

nightridr43 says: (22:04:51)

let me know how things go with putting this together

nightridr43 says: (22:04:59)

i'll send anything else i think of over

_Black_Acrylic says: (22:05:22)

Good times. This meeting went much better than the one earlier

nightridr43 says: (22:05:34)

really? must have been a bad time

nightridr43 says: (22:05:41)

we need to learn to type like the kids

nightridr43 says: (22:05:43)

nightridr43 says: (22:06:14)

we could speak much more in much less time

_Black_Acrylic says: (22:06:24)


nightridr43 says: (22:07:07)


_Black_Acrylic says: (22:07:22)



cheshirecat said...

i actually really love this. i didnt read it all but the RICE and i love skippy bits were pretty amazing.

_Black_Acrylic said...

Thanks cheshirecat! The actual proper finished edited article will appear in the next issue of Yuck 'n Yum, due around December 11th. Keep an eye on