Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sophie Lisa Beresford @ YouTube update

Any seasoned _B_A readers will know all too well that the mighty Sophie Lisa Beresford is among my very favourite contemporary artists. A couple of new clips have been posted to her YouTube channel, and they can be seen below. If you're baffled as to why crochet tutorials and homework tips should be worth watching, then I hope that a read of my Yuck 'n Yum article would explain how her practice is both profound and always utterly consistent.

Crochet Club *1* What You Will Need to Begin Crocheting

This is a list of what you will require to begin Crocheting.

Here is the list in basic terms:

Wool/Yarn (Acrylic) DK (Double Knit), Plain (no fancy bits :) )

Crochet Hook size 4mm (G)


and a Cupper! :) :D

stay tuned for 'Crochet Club' - How to Crochet


Sophie x x x

Crochet Club *2* how to have your hands when crocheting

In this video we learn how to position our hands when Crocheting;
How to use our hands to control the wool and the hook, and keep a good tension flowing ;)

Easier than it sounds ;)

PTLLS Homework Help no. 1

This video shows where to find the simple criteria needed to pass your PTLLS theory assignments.

Sorry for the poor sound at the beginning, this levels out as the video goes on. If you would like a clearer video please ask. :) :D x x x

SLB @ Workplace Gallery

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