Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Short Wave Mystery

Whoever Knew his name, knew he was all to blame. He knew too much, but they didn't care. All of his friends, said it was, so unfair. Seasons are passing, passing by, leaving behind us, tears in our eyes, casting out omens, the casting out of friends, still there lies nothing, to what we'll find, in the the end. Where is the answer, what is the cure? Is there an answer? Please open the door. What is the question, What is the cure? Is there an answer, please open the door. Where is the answer? WSCollectiveRecords 1 month ago THE SHORTWAVE MYSTERY – Down and Out in a Town of Yardsales LP US 2010 WS201001 6 Tracks 40'42'' In 1983, Gregory Windrum Scoggin formed THE SHORTWAVE MYSTERY in which he did incorporate some of his friends (Jason Wright, Tom Wright and Dave Skinner). As influences he points out D.A.F., Der Plan as well as OMD or Depeche Mode, and in general the early 80’s New Wave movement, which is good as his music was then about incorporate the right portion of melancholy and melody, that make those tracks so substantial and stand up the test against time (at least for us). In 1985, they released oen 12”EP “Pilots” (Good Records, Good-1) which became an incredibly sought-after and high-priced gem in recent years (after it has been hyped immensely on ebay). All tracks on this MLP were recorded in 1983/84 and remixed in 2009/10. There is really no need to describe every song individually, they are all nothing but the most beautiful melancholic electropop songs with rich textures Review by AnnaLogue Jul 30, 2010 The Shortwave Mystery was formed in 1983 by synthesist/programmer/songrwriter Gregory Scoggin. The Shortwave Mystery came unto its own via several incantations of musical electronic experimentation. Prior to the 'electro-melancholic-pop' sound of the SWM, several friends of Scoggins' (Scott Campbell-synths, Linda George-Vocals-as well as those who were to form the final SWM) played various live and recorded shows running the gamut from electro-noise akin to Early Chrome or Cabaret Voltaire on up to OMD. Although all had divergent musical influences coming together for performances that lent themselves to the dancefloor...Scoggin took more influence in his own compositions from the more Europeon electro-pop/disco/dance/new wave outfits like New Musik and German Art school pioneers Der Plan. Review by WSCollective Jun 16, 2010 Discogs price €1800.00

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