Monday, 12 November 2012


Bought a few items:

Jean Genet - The Maids and Deathwatch (Faber and Faber), £0.99

Legowelt ‎– Paranormal Soul Sampler (Clone Jack For Daze Series) 12" green vinyl, £8.99

Various - Only 4 U: The Sound Of Cajmere & Cajual Records (Cajual) 2LP + CD, £17.99


lucy joy said...

Love Legowelt's sounds. I still smile to myself when I think about the text file which he included in his free download 'The TEAC Life'. Did you see it?

_Black_Acrylic said...

Hi Lucy, I have the LP of that. Was the text about misty forest X-Files unicorns or something? His new LP's shaping up to be supercool too. Hope all is well with yourself x

lucy joy said...

Yeah - that's the one. I'll have to get this LP. Been kinda playing the same old shit and spending hours watching YouTube clips, never actually buying anything. I don't like getting stuck in too much of a music rut.
Enjoyed watching some really rubbish eighties crap the other day...
Do I love this, or totally despise it?
Maybe the lyrics are pretty cool!

_Black_Acrylic said...

Thanks for that Twins clip Lucy, that rules! It should be loved 100% for sure.