Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ortonandon Salonandon @ French Riviera, London 18-28.04.13

Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh are pleased to present Ortonandon Salonandon at French Riviera, London.

Ortonandon Salonandon is the final part of Embassy’s Annual Members Show Exchange 2013. The first part of the exchange took place at Embassy earlier this year.

18-28 April 2013

A group exhibition of Embassy members curated by the Scottish collective Ortonandon.

Artists exhibiting are:

Liam Allan
Claire Davies
Tim Dodds
Lewis Den Hertog
James Hutchinson
Casey Miller
Ben Robinson
Cate Smith
and words by Jake Watts

PREVIEW: 18th April 6-8pm
18-28 April 2013
Open Friday - Sunday 12-6pm
309 Bethnal Green Road London E2 6AH

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