Monday, 15 July 2013

Yuck ‘n Yum news bulletin

Yuck ‘n Yum have returned from their self-imposed exile at Cove Park, full of plans and an unearthly natural glow that might be “health” (something our friends outside Dundee assure us exists).

 Old-timers Andrew Maclean and Gayle Meikle have finished their sabbaticals and have returned to corporeal form. They’ve gained some metaphysical new powers, and are already imparting their newfound wisdom. Alexandra Ross remains on hiatus while she finishes her PhD. Sadly, newby Dan Faichney has flown the nest to follow his dreams and pursue his career at DCA. We wish him all the best – adieu, sweet pal.

In other news, there’s a commotion on the horizon… amidst the babble of dæmoniac voices, three intelligible letters alone seem to be reverberating nearer: “A… G… K…”
Could it be time to prepare for that bizarre karaocchanalia again? All we can do is wait on the soon-to-be-announced press release…

Finally, a-n have included us in their publication Signpost’s “Hot 100″ list. We’re happy to see some of our friends in there too. Check it out here.

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