Friday, 27 September 2013

Yuck 'n Yum - Launch of the Autumn 13 edition at GENERATORprojects 29/09/13 @ 2PM

Dear Yuck 'n Yummers,

How are you feeling now that the autumn equinox has passed?  Feeling like you might want to huddle together with something warm in your belly, reading one of your fave zines?  Well fret not, as the autumn launch is here and we are offering just that (minus the huddling, but I am sure one of the YNY team will give you a cuddle if asked).  We are launching our Autumn13 edition this Sunday at GENERATORprojects, Dundee. The issue is packed with great black and white musings along with another cracking cover by the amazingly talented Cos Ahmet.  Plus we will have performances and a special announcement, read on to find out more.

1 - Zine + Soup + Performance /// Autumn edition launch, GENERATORprojects, Dundee, 29.09.13 @ 2pm

We will be giving away free soup at our zine launch this weekend at GENERATORprojects alongside hosting fabulous performances by Beth Savage and Ruth Aitken.  The event will start at 2pm with Ben 'Jack Your Body' Robinson serenading us with a specially selected soupy sound mix.

Beth Savage is an artist living and working in Dundee. Her work investigates social ecologies and the human/nature relationship and explores ideas of ritual, abjection and the uncanny. Working across several mediums including performance and installation, she creates work drawing on and subverting everyday experience.
Ruth Aitken, also based in Dundee, is interested in repetitive action as a process of generating collective action. Her practice is interdisciplinary and evolving.  Ruth will present 'I Lava Dundee' where she will ask participants to join her in a game.

There will also be an exclusive announcement about the future of Yuck 'n Yum, so if you want be the first to know, come along.

Hope to see you there!

WHERE: GENERATORprojects, Mid - Wynd (just off the Perth Road), Dundee

WHEN: 2pm until 4pm

2 - The Annual General Karaoke 4/// We are waiting for your videos to sing to

AGK 2013 TEASER 2 from yucknyum on Vimeo. 

The deadline for free entry to this year's AGK is fast approaching.


Since 2010 the AGK has attracted the brightest and best artists from across Scotland and beyond, all competing for the coveted prize. It’s a karaoke night where YOU make the videos. Its a karaoke video competition! Some of you will just want to make a simple, beautiful video and perform it by yourself. Others might have high concept ideas, direct a spectacular CGI fest and choreograph a team of performers around it. Some will be shy and just want to make a video that is so tremendous it will have the audience fighting over the right to sing it. The AGK has room for them all!


The AGK will be part of the 2013 NEoN festival and held on Saturday the 9th of November.  We have just secured a new kick ass venue in which we are very excited about!  We'll be announcing in due course but in the meantime send us your karaoke videos.


The AGK champ gets all the fame and glory, and they get £300 too. Yes three whole hundred pounds! A whole £50 more than You’ve Been Framed offers for mistreating animals or children on video!
Even if you're still feeling shy of ideas, don't fret! The AGK Archive has all the incredible videos from the last three years! Have all your queries answered at our AGK Helpdesk on Facebook! Check for regular updates on Twitter! We'll be all over the interwebs with 2013's most essential event: the AGK!

Love from the Yuck 'n Yum team


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