Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Yuck 'n Yum - Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB)

NEoN Digital Arts Festival and Yuck n’ Yum present…

Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB)
as part of the NEoN Finale Party

Calling all VJs, film-makers, animators, visual artists, performance artists… LISTEN UP!

On Saturday 8 November 2014, BYOB is coming to Dundee and we want YOU to be involved. That B stands for Beamer and we don’t mean BMW so you can leave your flash car at home.

Curated by NEoN and Yuck n’ Yum, BYOB will be an evening of light, colour and sound saturation! We invite you to help us create a projection wonderland where the walls, floors and ceilings are plastered with moving image. So whether you’re a film-maker, VJ, visual artist or performer, we want to hear from YOU.

BYOB is an open source idea founded by Rafaël Rozendaal, a New York based visual artist who launched the event in 2010 in Berlin. The idea is fairly simple: find a cool space, invite artists to share their work and bring a projector! We can supply the equipment and we just want your ideas.


Important info:

Deadline: Friday 24th October
(submit your completed form to info@yucknyum.com)
Notified of outcome: Monday 27th October
Set up your work: Saturday 8th November, between 1pm-4pm
Share your work and party: Saturday 8th November, 8pm –
Midnight, Vision Building, Sea Braes, Dundee


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