Friday, 21 September 2007


Press release I'd written for the forthcoming Generator show:

Generator Projects is pleased to present a joint exhibition featuring Robert Orchardson and Sarah Tripp. Using a diverse range of media, each artist has produced work that suggests a form of narrative. They describe events taking place on a scale that ranges from the domestic to the cosmic. These scattered threads may well be woven together to create a form of meta-narrative, an observation of the present developing into a hypothesis for the future.

Sarah Tripp’s practice incorporates film-making, graphic design and story telling. Consistent throughout is a desire to engage with the world and to reinvent it as a system of poetic correspondences. For the exhibition at Generator Projects she has produced a book titled The Best Mistake, a collection of stories and photographs created over the previous six months.

Robert Orchardson’s sculptural installations are located in a state of in-between, both in time and in space. Working from a disparate collection of fragments, these objects aim to reconfigure their raw material into something approaching the extraordinary. Connections are made between modernist design and the supposed futures of science fiction, with new potentials being imagined for received wisdoms. This ambiguity invites us to ask what kind of world it is that we find ourselves in here, now.

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