Friday, 28 September 2007


By an stroke of bad fortune my internet is down, so posting may become a bit irregular for the next week until BT deliver a replacement for the Home Hub. It mysteriously packed in last night, and right now I'm sat typing in the college.

Here's the schedule for a night of fun and games:
6pm Tea at the Parlour with the Generator commitee and artists Robert Orchardson and Sarah Tripp.
7pm Pick up the mighty Savier from Dundee station.
7.30pm Me and the mighty Savier attend the gallery opening at Generator Projects.
9.30 pm Get set up at the Function Suite.
10pm NEON starts.
03.30am NEON finishes, and an after-party goes on until who knows when.

All that's left for me to do is head down to Tesco to buy a big haul of refreshments for later. Here's hoping the evening turns out a success.

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