Saturday, 1 December 2007


Out last night, lots of people were asking, "so is your night on at the Reading Rooms tonight?", to which the answer would be an emphatic NO. Another club night, whose name is confusingly similar to NEON, started last year. Which is bad enough, but these young scenesters proudly bill themselves as belonging to that sorry fad 'nu-rave'. I had planned a blog post attacking that atrocity of a genre, but thought better of it.

Why engage with mediocrity at all? Why not instead read through some more compelling material...

This lovely article in today's paper for instance.

And on Dennis Cooper's blog, highly recommended reading at anytime anyway, this definitive essay by sypha_69 on the noise band Whitehouse.

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Hello My Name is Gypsea said...

Hello....I found you because Klaus Nomi is one of your favorites, although knowing of him would have impressed me as well.

I commented because I ken far ya bide! My husband is from Dundee. I have been to the Law Hill. Have an Aero bar for me. YUM!