Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Listing for Thursday's Cine Salon:

A weekly display of hidden or neglected facets of the magic lantern. The finest wines and cheeses shall be served.
Don't miss!

3 Springfield, Dundee.
Thursday 20th December, 9pm

COMING SOON! Guest curator Andrew Maclean presents:
The Cine Salon Christmas Special!
CHRISTMAS EVIL (1980, dir. Lewis Jackson)
With John Waters commentary

Christmas Evil (also known as You Better Watch Out and Terror in Toyland) is a 1980 slasher film directed by Lewis Jackson. It is considered an obscure film but has gained a cult following which includes legendary film director John Waters.

IMDB comments:
Widely recognized as the best of the Christmas horror efforts, Christmas Evil is the story of a boy who loves Christmas. He is scarred as a boy when he learns that Santa is not real. Throughout the rest of his life, the toy-maker tries to make the Christmas spirit a reality. He becomes obsessed with the behavior of children and the quality of the toys he makes. When he is met with hypocrisy and cynicism, the resulting snap causes him to go on a yuletide killing spree to complete this dark comedic horror. This is the film Maniac (1980) should have been! Pretty compelling stuff with convincing performances and a beautifully weird ending.

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