Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ryan Trecartin @ Tramway


Start Time: 20:57:00

Online: Nightridr43, _Black_Acrylic

N43: Are you reading? N43: I think you should be typing and not reading _B: Yep I'm both typing and reading N43: mummy blog is here too somewhere _B: ORLY? _B: Hmmm where to begin N43: did you know that hurricane katrina destroyed the trecartin house and a load of his work..... N43: what a bummer _B: Yeah he lives in Kansas now I think N43: in a house like from the wizard of oz? N43: I imagine _B: Bad for storms there too then N43: yes yes _B: He's only 27 N43: he looks younger I think N43: Pretty young for such a load of work, good work and all _B: He looks v different with no makeup N43: yeh i know N43: right?!
Mummy Bloghead has been added to the conversation
MB: “If I didn’t take the liberties to glue these prop knobs onto my safe space, who would you think that I’d be? MB: I declare MSN messenger space to be MY AREA N43: are you here mummy bloghead? MB: I am here! N43: we lost you _B: Mummy Bloghead in the house N43: you were in another box somewhere MB: Ah indeed MB: I might have been in another area N43: I hear you N43: M-S-N get some CONTINUITY already! MB: MSN has some area crossover I do believe _B: Right! _B: Anyone here seen A Family Finds Entertainment? N43: YES N43: once MB: I haven't but I read about it a minute ago _B: I found his YouTube channel last night N43: I like it the best I think _B: You seen YO! A Romantic Comedy? N43: Go to Whole Foods and take what is yours!!!! N43: NO MB: I haven't! _B: YO!'s pretty good. His debut _B: Still a schoolboy! N43: I'll get on it. _B: I recognise the actress from his other films _B: It's all his friends and family etc N43: philangina? _B: hmm maybe MB: I'm watching a family finds entertainment the now _B: He's doing a film about the economy next _B: In a Trecartin way MB: amazing _B: Should be v cool no doubt N43: murder on the dance floor you broke my door MB: "Why did you delete your birthmom?" "I need to feel both directions." MB: I'm watching clips of IB Area on youtube MB: "SHIT! I'm clairvoying a total pasta melt." _B: I put loads of clips on Facebook, My friends must be sick of it MB: "You keep self-centering in my only bedroom. Shit!” _B: Tramway was the 1st time I saw RT films in a gallery MB: If you do not reign me in I shall continue to talk in quotes N43: Me 2 MB: It was the first time I had ever seen an RT film. _B: Hey Mummy Bloghead how was it for you then? MB: It was an assault on my eyes. _B: And the brain but in a good way I hope MB: Yeah. It did really hurt. N43: he is a grower MB: I think i prefer watching him on Youtube N43: keep watching MB: I have more control over him that way _B: It's different. Big screen's more of a headfuck N43: yeh and you can rewind it and stuff N43: It was intense. N43: My hair was frizzy by the end of it _B: Cinema's nice and communal MB: I think there were a few points where I did have to close my eyes for a bit N43: I thought you might hate it a bit mummy MB: like a lame-o _B: You can hear people LOL in the cinema, it's good MB: totally NR43: totally 2 MB43: I didn't hate it, I really liked it. I just found it so painful and exhausting _B: Nobody hated it! MB: and I kept trying to establish this narrative frame in my head but then I would be so overwhelmed by what was going on that I forgot whatever narrative arc I had made up _B: There's not really a linear narrative, AFFE has more of one MB: yeah MB: i didn't really expect there to be one, but because it was feature length I think I wanted there to be one, just so I could deal with it _B: Tommy Chat Just Emailed me was the most abstract N43: linear narratives, who needs them these days _B: True N43: theres no time for nonsense N43: pass me a cheese string MB: I also kept forgetting the characters and getting confused with who was who _B: It doesn't matter all that much N43: everyone's the same mummy, i think _B: It's all family or school MB: yeah _B: Maybe the economy is next MB: I think I wasn't sure whether to keep concentrating or to let it wash over me N43: family, school and the economy? _B: Like a trilogy of institutions? N43: i know that feeling. its a daily decision for me. MB: haha! _B: yep

End Time: 22:26:27

On 12th November 2009 Glasgow’s Tramway screened two films by Ryan Trecartin: Tommy-Chat Just E-mailed Me (2006, 7:15 min), and I-Be AREA (2007, 1:48 hr).

Nightridr43, _Black_Acrylic and Mummy Bloghead are artists based in Scotland.

Ryan Trecartin’s YouTube channel:

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