Saturday, 8 May 2010

marching on together

Wow, today was the day when it finally happened. Leeds United were promoted from the purgatorial nowhere of League One (aka the third division) and while I was glued to a screen in Dundee watching the results beam in, my brother and his friends were rampaging across the Elland Road pitch in a state of unbridled euphoria. It's been a crazy season, and I for one am mighty relieved that it's over with a happy ending.


'Stoopid Slapped Puppies' said...

oh well at least you will avoid a trip to Dagenham and Redbridge next year, me I just can't wait, such a fab local derby between the two most socialist boroughs in London or the two most unattractive places on earth.
Hope the hangovers under control btw.

_Black_Acrylic said...

haha aye just about under control. This means I can enjoy the summer and look forward to next season. Who knows, maybe next stop Premier League?

Kudos to the Orient of course x