Friday, 9 July 2010

Jamal Moss - Sample / Pattern Mix

This mix is a delight and an education:

Sample / Pattern Mix

"Process: experiments & demonstrations.

Instruments: tape edit machine, reel to reel, two SP 404 units, Dual belt drive turntable, Gemini disco stereo mixer.

Agenda: demonstrate the process of the evolution & inception of box energy that manifested the worldwide phenomenon of house. It was the experimentation of chicago disc jock Ron Hardy, a freeform innovator that evolved the sound of now and days 2 come. The sample/pattern/freeform series will demonstrate this experimention from it's zero point (326) & genesis (Ron Hardy).

Note: old & outdated equipment was used in the process in order to emulate the process from that era. Glitches & scratches, also strong old analogue textures & sounds will occur in the process.

Limited edition for historical use & purpose."

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