Sunday, 25 July 2010

like boys

My friend Ryan has started a Facebook group called like boys that seeks to "document the terminal" on the streets of Dundee. Here is the group's raison d'etre:

"The idea of dundee as a terminus is not a new one. for years, writers and artists have commented on the particular capacity of the city to pull one in and not let go. perhaps like don paterson's persona in the trans-siberian express, some are left staring at facing glass mirrors, their lives stretched to vanishing point. but others will always forge a creative spirit through art, fashion, culture and technology. and yet this is rarely celebrated in Dundee itself.
'like boys' aims to document and celebrate the people, places and events that make dundee worth living in without losing sight of the 'terminality' of the place. So its not all cool people, vanguard blah blah. revel in its absurdity, capture a mince roll, actually eat one!!
feel free to post anything of dundee related interest, just keep it terminal. we'll do regular photo posts of people and places around dundee catching the eye,and info on selected events"

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