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To the Generator today for the Robin Thomson show. I copied the press release and took a few photos, and here they all are. A full review may follow in the coming days, we'll see:

Andrew Cattanach article in The Skinny

And to begin this anthology, we must first describe the environment, the

context, in which to look at the voice...

GENERATORprojects presents By The Light Of The Moon a solo exhibition after a two-week gallery residency. Taking its name from the centre piece of the show- a twenty-five minute narrative journey through the realms of the mediated human voice, inspired by the shapes and signs of recorded speech, the film broadcasts its dislocated narrative through a crisscrossing of wires, a kind of spontaneous wiretap or short-circuiting of sequential talk. All of the characters portrayed are essentially facets of the same personality- from the inventor to the American Indian, to the headless ghosts, to the gospel singers...

Thomson’s work has always been connected to themes of failed or feigned communication - turning its everyday tools and methods inside out to reveal a foreign, uncanny texture. These works sometimes take the shape of pseudo-scientific experiments, research-based studies or low-fi / sci-fi adventures in story telling.

BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON comes from the very first ‘image' of the human voice; an old French folk song called Au Claire de La Lune recorded on a piece of soot-covered paper by a man called Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville in 1860. It was the earliest recognisable record of the human voice and was only heard for the first time in 2008 after digitization.

Thomson uses this as a premise for the whole show, to explore the representation of the human voice in a visual landscape, and to explore the boundaries of its (im)material nature.

Over & Out

Listening Station

Over & Out

Bicycle Thief

Other Worlds

By The Light Of The Moon

Robin Thomson (b.1986 Arbroath, Scotland) currently lives and works in Berlin as an online Media Editor for Canadian musician, Peaches. Thomson graduated from Duncan Of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2008 with recent shows including, A Moskvitch in Havana, Tallinn, Estonia 2008, R.S.A New Contemporaries 2009, and Zebronkey an essay and video featured in Antennae magazine in 2009.

BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON Publication will be available to download next week.

Also available from the gallery and CCA Bookfair (more details in FUTURE page)

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