Thursday, 9 September 2010


There's a notice appeared today on DC's and I'm sure I can contribute something before the end of the year:

'Together with my colleague Bettina Brandl-Risi, I’m editing an issue of the Performance Research Journal on “Participation,” which will come out in September 2011. While the word ‘participation’ has come to have an almost entirely positive meaning in art, politics, sociology, etc., many of us may remember moments when we were made to participate in something and the experience was just terrible, and we couldn’t find any good point in the whole thing even in retrospect. As we do not want to brush that aside in our issue, we plan to include a collection of reports on ‘My worst participatory experience in a theatre or art event.’ I know that many members of this blog’s community have a close relation to art, actively or as dedicated theatre and exhibition goers, and I’m sure you will have interesting (and truly terrifying) stories to tell. Therefore I’m kindly asking for your cooperation. You can send accounts of your worst participatory experience to If possible, please let them be short (up to 400 words, they may be much shorter though); and tell me whether you want your name to be published with them or remain anonymous. Our official deadline for contributions is March 2011, but it would be helpful to have your texts until the end of this year. Thanks a lot in advance & all the best, Kai aka allesfliesst.'

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