Saturday, 13 November 2010

Leeds United 3 - Bristol City 1, 13.11.10

Leeds 3-1 Bristol City
(HT 0-0)

* Becchio 66 | * Stead 68
* Becchio 70 |
* Becchio 83 |

From the BBC 606 Leeds United messageboard:

by lancashirewhite (U14591808) 13 November 2010
Becchio is god (not hand of god) the man was brilliant, liked it when he scored and then kissed the badge brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, Simon grayson sort his contract out quickly other wise we will lose a very, very good player if somma is worth a 3 year contract well becchio is worth a 5 year contract sort it out please.
Marching on together

by LufcGermany (U13734952) 13 November 2010

No, no I don't believe it!..

He did what?..

Noooo he cant have, CAN HE?..

Oh well, there must be a debate somewhere in that lot!!!....

All you that said Becchio should be dropped!..

Come on, tell us!!!....SHOULD HE STILL BE DROPPED?..

by leedsintheblood (U7009745) 13 November 2010
Just back from the game after a stop along the way. At half time it looked a bit dire against the bottom team. Then off went the Ark Royal. On came Becchio and it all changed for the better. Great crowd and we're in with a real chance. Some tough tests to come and hope we don't lose o'Brien - he was good from start to finish along with Snoddy.
Looking positive

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