Thursday, 2 December 2010


Extract from Peter Sotos, Comfort and Critique:

One wants to see this as being created by humans. Instead of faceless mannequins working for corporations with heads full of money and teeth full of idiots. The "For Sarah" campaign had a face that looked more like News of the World editor Rebekah Wade than mother Sara Payne. But the crime facts were all mom. The crime reporting done on the back of the little dead girl reads fashionable London college girls with tight asses and hard-cocked cynics that stopped aging.
How long before one of the reporters on the case actually stops feeling sorry and starts looking for the truth in the story. They wouldn't even have to be cruel. To anyone who didn't fucking deserve it. Just maybe how they saw stress levels rising and the spreading circulation advantages that were easy to wedge and pry open.
Tell the mother to stop crying so that you might understand what she's been failing to say. And if you still can't make out that it's gibberish, stick a cheap frame around her and tell her as loudly as possible to keep fucking going. See if you can title it without making a headline about the havoc of loss and the strength that rises from despair.

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