Friday, 30 December 2011


Ben Robinson - Eaux d'Artifice (Silk Flowers with Alexander McQueen Kingdom Eau de Toilette, Evian Water), 2004

Extract from by Octave Mirbeau - The Torture Garden:

We were approaching the bell. On the right and left there were immense red and purple flowers and blood-colored peonies, and in the shade, under enormous parasol-shaped leaves, petasites and anthuriums like bleeding tissues seemed ironically to greet us on the way, and point out the path of torture to us. There were other flowers also, flowers of butchery and massacre, tiger-flowers with their gaping mutilated throats, diclytras and their garlands of little red hearts, and fierce labiates with their firm and fleshy pulp the tint of mucus; they were veritable human lips — Clara's lips — crying from the tops of their tender stalks:
"Come, my dears, come quickly. Where you are going there is still more pain, more torture, more blood flowing and dripping on the earth, more contorted and torn bodies breathing their last on iron tables... more ragged flesh swaying on the gallows-rope, more horror and more hell. Come, my loves, come, lip to lip and hand in hand. And look between the foliage and the lattice-work, look at the infernal diorama unfolding, and the diabolic festival of death!"

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