Saturday, 29 September 2012

AGK 2012 28.09.12 - pictures

To Chambers East last night for the third edition of Yuck 'n Yum's Annual General Karaoke. The AGK premise is simple: every year we meet up to sing karaoke with our friends and followers who create their own videos to sing along to. Prizes are awarded for best video and best performance, and this year's was a fine vintage. I took a few photos and here they are:

The name of the event is the AGK.

The judging panel. L-R: your correspondent, Donna Halford-Lovell, Stephen Bloe, Amy Jones.

That Scotland We May See - Holger Mohaupt
"Through exercise, the athlete of Classical times sculpted his physique much as an artist chisels a statue, and, in doing so, he was honouring his gods. In Modern times, the athlete in his achievement honours his country, his race and his national flag."

Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой - Alex Tobin

"A tribute to the late Eduard Khil, who will forever be remembered as the Trololo guy".

Oh What A Night - Morgan Cahn
"Oh what a night indeed. This classic gem will take your highway of tears and turn it into your highway to hell. Oh wait…"
WINNER NEoN residency prize!

Quando, Quando, Quando - Edward Humphrey, Sophie Morris and Jeppe Rohde Nielsen
"A young man gets hit by an electric shock and descends into a dream in which he serenades and charms a young woman."

I Wanna Be Your Lover - HMC staff
"A randy alien tries to impress a trio of space babes with his keytar skills."

The Look of Love - Sarah Doherty
"Smashed together clips of Japan for a smashing song by ABC."

99 Luftballoons - Chas Whatmore and Lyle Mitchell
"A partygoer must obtain the 99th balloon in order for the madness to begin."

Jim'll Fix It - Catrin Jeans
"Some artists are very demanding… Catrin Jeans is one of them. She has insisted her video remains a secret until it’s performed… Who is brave enough to sing it? And who is brave enough to wear what lies within the mystery bag?"
This was performed by Jonathan Brodsky, an American who had never heard of Jimmy Savile until last night. Despite this he put in a stellar rendition!

Red Dwarf Theme - Andy Sim
"A simple tribute to the great British TV classic Red Dwarf."

McDonald’s On The Brain - Retchy
"Daniel Johnston's friends are obsessed with McDonald’s. This is their story..."
Paul Gault!

S.R.S.S. - Skeleton Hopscotch
“Sex ‘n skeleton masks form the mysterious Hopscotch… It’s their own tune but easy to sing along to!”

We Are The Champions - Catherine Weir
"Summer 2012 broke my spirit and vomited me out a new, much better one."

Total Eclipse of The Heart- Bill Chrystal
"From the Law to The Ferry and beyond, there was no time to turn around…"

Face In A Box - Sarah Messenger (co-starring Nadia Rossi)
"A day in the life of a face in a box."

A Message To You Rudy - Adam Morrow
"A man succumbs to boredom and alcohol while waiting for his friend to arrive. Devised, shot and edited in 24 hours!"

Duu - Matt Corden
“Elvis has left the building… David Hasselhoff has entered with Matt Corden twice!”

Shoes - Alex Hetherington
"This video radically remixes the song Shoes by DJ Tiga, with footage from the motion picture Drive and found footage from a number of sources, including hazing scenes, hypnosis techniques, and sounds taken from a Mike Kelley performance."

Same Jeans - Jipjax Animations
"2D animation of Same Jeans by Dundee's The View."

Saint Mary - Retchy
"Saint Mary by Sparklehorse - Everyone's leaving.  A man and some other people get left behind."

AGK 2011: Gayle Meikle and Alexandra Ross - I’m Sticking With You 

DJ Ben 'Jack Your Body' Robinson in the post-AGK mix