Saturday, 1 September 2012

Yuck 'n Yum AGK @ Sponsume.

Yuck ‘n Yum needs your help!

We will deliver our third annual AGK on Friday September the 28th!

It will aim to surpass past years'. No mean feat as the first ever event was described as “The best night in Dundee EVER!” and featured a dancing milk carton! 
And last year, a much more violent and destructive affair, featured vinyl records, keyboards and pride being destroyed all in the name of Karaoke!

This year, we will see amazing Karaoke videos and beautiful and bizarre Karaoke performances.

We will laugh! We will cry! We will sing! We will award tremendousness!

We will do all of this ... but not without your help.

If you have ever been to an AGK or Yuck ’n Yum event. If you have ever taken one of our free zines or watched previous years' AGK videos online or if you plan to attend this year, please help us make it happen.

This is the first time Yuck ‘n Yum has used a crowd funding website. We are aware many of you use this method to fund your own projects! We are sure we can count on your to help us finance the third AGK.

With your help Yuck ‘n Yum can deliver.

Help AGK 3 become a reality from yucknyum on Vimeo.

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