Sunday, 20 January 2013

Repulsion - Horrified

Ben Robinson - Lessons in Institutional Critique III, 2004

Horrified is the only full-length album released by the American grindcore band Repulsion. Although the album was originally recorded in 1986, it remained unreleased until three years later. It was originally released on Necrosis Records, a sublabel of Earache Records. 

Recorded in ’86, tape-traded for three years—beyond Repulsion’s demise—and released posthumously on Earache sub-label Necrosis in ’89, Horrified infected the burgeoning underground with an unheralded blend of hardcore and death metal, appealing to disparate scenes and transcending genre boundaries, effectively blurring them into a frenetic mess. It was a singularity, a leap in the evolution. Unpolished and unapologetic, its legacy of primitivism is just as relevant now in this digital age of perfection as it was back in the ’80s, when it was shocking enough to make tape decks tremble and listeners utter, “What the fuck is that?”
Matthew Widener

Review of B&Q Tate Colour Emulsion

Good Points
As above - covers well and stands head and shoulders
above some much more expensive paints. 
Bad Points
General Comments
B&Q Tate Colour is an excellent paint; low in emissions ie no nasty smells!

Thick, resilient, efficient - very good coverage.

Reminds me of New England Paint which had exactly the same factors.

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