Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Yuck 'n Yum - Valerie Norris and Steven Myles Publication Launch /// This Friday, 7pm‏

Happy New Year Yuck 'n Yummers,

2013 is here already! How the blazes did that ever happen? And what's Yuck 'n Yum gonna do about it? We're kicking off the year with another exciting event, of course!

Valerie Norris and Steven Myles Publication Launch, This Friday, 7pm - late

Come join us from 7pm on Friday 11th January down at Drouthy's Basement, where we have something rather special lined up. Continuing the Yuck 'n Yum Guest Zine Project, Valerie Norris and Steven Myles will present I LIKE YELLOW THINGS, a zine dedicated to the magic of Song-Poems. We can promise you a thorough introduction to this strange outsider music with an array of classics from the Song-Poem canon. There'll be DJ sets, free zines and all the fun you can handle, with Val and Steven's zine selling at half price for a nominal £1! Get 2013 off on the good foot and we'll see you there, yeah?


A Big Welcome to New Members of the Yuck 'n Yum Family

2013 sees Yuck 'n Yum ringing in the new by welcoming a few new members on board. So say hello to Daniel Laurence Faichney, Morgan Cahn, Becca Clark and our new intern Miriam Wilson! We're sure you'll all get along famously.

Thank you to all contributors to the DCA Book Week Exhibition

Lastly a big shout out to the DCA for hosting Yuck 'n Yum at their Book Week Scotland event, and super massive thank yous to all who attended and made it so very special. But most importantly, thank you to all the artists!
You guys are the best!

Cos Ahmet, O.B. De Alessi, Darren Banks, John Alan Birch, Sinead Bracken, Luke Collins, Pete Fleming, Helen Flanagan, Ross Hamilton Frew, Ivan Grebenshikov, Ufuk Gueray, Hannah Harkes, Alex, Hetherington, Andrew Joyce, Jonathan Kelham, Sarah Laing, Stewart Mair, Stephanie Mann, Mark McAleese McQueen, Norrie Millar, Paul Milne, Katie Morrison, Ellyce Moselle, Selena Mowat, Val Norris, Alexander T. Oleksyn, Russell "Inkke" Paterson, Greer Pester, Sebastian Pollman, Skint Richie, Simon Reekie, Ale Siniestro, Kier Cooke Sandvik, Erik Smith, Serra Tansel, Dagmar Vyhnalkova, Mark Wallace, Catherine Weir, Anthony Zinonos

 Lots of love from Yuck 'n Yum

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