Saturday, 1 June 2013

the apotheosis of Maggie Broon

Ben Robinson - Slash Portrait of Maggie Broon, 2007

The Broons is a comic strip in Scots published in the weekly Scottish newspaper, The Sunday Post. It features the Brown family, who live in a tenement flat at 10 Glebe Street, in (since the late 1990s) the fictional Scottish town of Auchentogle or Auchenshoogle.

Originally created by writer/editor R. D. Low and artist Dudley D. Watkins, the strip made its first appearance in the issue dated 8 March 1936.

Maggie (Margaret) Broon – the beautiful, glamorous daughter with blonde hair. She has a steady stream of beaux and is bitterly envied by the plain Daphne. In the later editions, Maggie became a model, and a weather girl. Despite their rivalry, Daphne and Maggie share a close bond; Maggie even stands up for Daphne when she is taunted. In earlier times, was called Sadie.

Drop-dead gorgeous, is Maggie, and she knows it! She gets all the attention, all the valentines. There's a lot of play made of the contrast between her and Daphne. But things don't always go her way. Fortunately!

Over the years Maggie Broon for some reason has changed in appearance. I don't know what the explanation is for this as all the other characters have remained fairly consistent. Just in case you think I am exaggerating, I have compiled an album of pictures.
Colin Stewart 

Surely Maggie Broon has changed? Hasn't she? She was never this gorgeous when I was wee. Conversely, I don't ever recall poor old Daphne being quite so dowdy - that's a bowl cut, right?

Scotland’s favourite cartoon characters – The Broons and Oor Wullie - have now been immortalised in bronze. These beautiful pieces have been created by one of the top country’s sculptors, Dundee-born Steve Paterson. The artwork is based on the original sketches of the legendary Dudley D Watkins, first illustrator of the iconic characters. From his original sculpture, Steve Paterson has individually hand-cast a series of stunning bronze resin figurines.

Only 350 of each of the 11-strong Broon clan will be produced and the limited quantity is a reflection of how unique and important the characters are. Each statue comes with a special certificate signed and numbered by the artist.

This piece is a depiction of Maggie Broon – The Broons model girl daughter. This blonde glamour girl keeps a bunch of lads dangling on her string. Maggie is aware of the effect she has on the male species and will often use her looks  to the benefit of other members of the family.

Size approx.: 8’’ high and 3.5’’ wide at the base.

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