Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Yuck 'n Yum - Summer Loving, Had Me A Blast - Summer Issue Submissions, Launch + Other Exciting Bits.‏

Hello lovely Yuck 'n Yummers,

There's been a lot going down at Yuck 'n Yum HQ. With the plans for our summer launch well under way and coming together, we're certain its Summer night you wont want to miss. Its set to be our biggest, loudest and most spectacular event yet! From Tuesday 18th June, we're taking over Glasgow's leading arts venue the Arches to bring you a show that will reinvent DJing as a performative artwork. We'll be pitched up in the foyer and entrance spaces until July 9th, and we'd love for you to join us. With acclaimed acts, including, Stefan Blomier, TYCI Collective, Bob Flambe and Steaming Turd, joining us.

Paying homage to the legendary Euro Dance rave at Prestwick Airport, Street Rave parties at Ayr Pavilion and subsequently Colours at the Arches, Stefan Blomier will present a selection of music rooted in the sound of Acid House, chronicling the history of Scottish rave culture throughout the 1990s. Bob Flambe and Steaming Turd promise to enthrall you with a space Moog experience with abstract humorous homologies, and TYCI will perform a theatrical DJ extravaganza!

It's going to be excellent!

We just need to get the Summer Issue together to launch it! We've had a handsome array of submissions so far, but there is still time to send your black and white artwork our way for the Summer Issue. We want you and your art in our zine! So does Cliff.

 In March this year Yuck 'n Yum announced a residency opportunity with Abertay University's ground-breaking forensic science department. Well, we have news. Some very big news! We'll say what it is soon, promise. For now you'll just need to wait while we fix ourselves up. Teasers!

Until then, warm wishes and love!
YnY team

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