Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Comme des Garçons 2

Comme des Garçons, written in Japanese as コム・デ・ギャルソン (Komu de Gyaruson), is French for "Like Boys", and is a Japanese fashion label headed by Rei Kawakubo, who owns the company with her husband Adrian Joffe.

Comme des Garçons also produces a line of agendered fragrances, most of which are unconventional in the world of perfume, in the same spirit as the label's garments.

Comme des Garçons 2 plays with complements and contrasts... with reflection and opacity... with mirrors and brilliance... with light and shadow... with earth and the energy of the sun.

Ink, Incense, Amber, Labdanum, Patchouli, Chinese, Cedarwood, New Aldehydes, Cumin, Angelica Root, Vetiver, Cade Oil, Absolute Maté, Magnolia, Absolute Folia.

Its very fresh, but not as citrus fragrance, opens up wit tea-mandarin mix that is airy , light, and reminds me of morning sunshine , its floral in a way, and then i thought of iso E super, it has that type of structure, airy, light, woody, fresh, i like that citrus hint that reminds me of geranium, then a little bit of nutmeg,gives touch of sweetness, and something reminds you of incense note but modernised version,

What struck me the most is that it reminds me of a cathedral built of spider net ,its hardly noticeable yet the complexity is there,

This is one delicate beauty, for hot summer days:-)

All about the tea, ink, and magnolia (a note I normally disdain for its aquatic tinge, but here incense balances fire and water). Throughout drydown, spices, labdanum, and vetiver emerge as finely sculpted supporting notes. A little like summertime rain, it's by turns cold and metallic then steamy and warming.

Worth trying in the pocket size first, as it's readily available from discounters, and this is strong, long-lasting stuff. Like most CDGs (other than the super linear incense series and similar) this is changeable, atmospheric, and of very high, complex quality. People who would never care for perfume regularly compliment this scent. The abstract ink note really seems to trigger associations with newspapers and printers--words and colors--where most perfumes would more readily recall flavor or just the usual combinations of other scent memories.

I especially like the tea-ink industrious writer's desk energy of CDG2 after it's been over-sprayed on fabric and left to fade for a few days. Sometimes if the magnolia or aldehydes come out too much (mostly on skin I've found) this one can be a little too much. A light touch or the Aromatics Elixir walkthrough method helps bring out CDG2's more delicate qualities and softens the harsher avant-garde edges.
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