Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Listing for Thursday's Cine Salon:

A weekly display of hidden or neglected facets of the magic lantern. The finest wines and cheeses shall be served.
Don't miss!

3 Springfield, Dundee.
Thursday 3rd April, 9pm


(1982, Dir. Eckhart Schmidt)

DVDmaniacs.net review:
If you like petite femme fatales, crude, violent visual poetry, then you ought to see DER FAN (THE FAN a.k.a. TRANCE). A friend passed along this German import to me back in ’92 and it clung to me ever since. At face value, it is a low budget shock art flick, another forerunner to today’s cult film, such as Takashi Miike’s AUDITION. When penetrating this film, however, I found a cautionary tale not only for the arrogant celebrity type, but one for parents (and everyone else for that matter). I found a visual poem of a pathology that often goes unseen; an study of adolescence wherein secrets remain close at heart, where emotions override any early concepts of morals and ethics (especially when that mind is predisposed to criminal behavior, chemically or psychologically).

IMDB.com comments:
Disturbing study of an obsessed fanatic, slower than molasses but oddly engaging. Schoolgirl seeks to become the lover of a popular music artist (a very 1980s Kraftwerk-style fellow). She gets her chance with him but is quickly given her walking papers...but it does not end there. The final moments of this film are as weird and shocking as anything I have seen... recommended.

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