Sunday, 27 April 2008


Had a pair of friends round last night for a meal. Wonderful food and company, only let down by a crowd of braying morons in the front room that my two-faced weasel of a housemate had invited round for the second week running. And she's still not paid the BT bill, so I may have to suspend this blog for a while until July, when I move in with some grown-ups.

Living with students can be a trial and I'll post next week whether this dispute can be resolved.


Weasely_moron said...

Greetings blog fans, I am the afforementioned 'two=faced weasel', presumably also coming under the catagory of 'braying moron'.

Funny though, if we're the immature morons, and you're the adults; how did 3 of you manage to make more mess than 15 of us?

And in what insane universe would it ever be fair for you to demand use of both communal rooms in this flat on a Saturday night? There are FIVE people who live here which is why compromise is necessary. On Saturday, 2 of those 5 entertained guests in the living room while a third studied upstairs and you had a meal in the kitchen. Seems fair enough to me.

As for me having people over for the 2nd week running; you have had people round for your film night every single Thursday often playing loud music all night when we have classes the next day!

Yes my friends are loud and like to have a good time but they've yet to display moronic behaviour on the level of your friends;projectile vomiting and toilet blocking to name but a few.

Living with YOU can be a trial. Yes I've yet to pay YOUR phone bill and I dont plan to. In the 8 months we have lived here I have yet to see you clean ANYTHING despite the fact that the majority of the mess made in the kitchen, living room and most definately the bathroom is YOURS.

To conclude; the point of your entry was to bitch about how superior you are to your 21 year old flatmates but in doing so you render yourself the immature one. Tonight's bathroom barricade/vomit/passing out incident didnt really help your case either.
Grow up.

Il Discotto said...

Oh Ben this is most unfortunate......

shit-stirrer said...

Wait a minute Ben ! You had folk round and I wasn't invited?! Not pleased...not pleased at all. I believe music can build bridges and unite us all. I am forming a band "Crowd of Braying Morons" any one want to join? Both immature morons and adults are welcome.
All musical tastes welcome...even Rock!

touchme said...

Could we all just come together in the spirit of peace and love? I find this karmic imbalance very upsetting. Perhaps I could suggest something? All build a tee-pee in one of the communal spaces, enter the sacred space and discuss masturbatory experiences? Then, perhaps, relive these passed moments together, while filming, then post said film on the internet. I've found this a very helpful method of conflict resolution in the past, often leading to a deeper love and understanding between former protagonists. Hope this helps.

Weasely_moron said...

As truly tempting as the second suggestion is....I feel the 'music builds bridges' idea would have the most success.

BJ Robinson and the Moronish Weasels?