Friday, 25 April 2008


Those rejoinders of pleasure and disgust, falling as they do on worn out planes of useless waste language. See how they crash-land either side of a redundant dichotomy that we can simply snub! Far better to seek our thrills in a different place, a territory where the old labels peel away to reveal a fuzzy underside: their shameful secret half-lives of entropy and decay.
What might be revealed in such a magic garden? That spot needs not a stroke or any lingering caresses in order to satisfy our (admittedly very specific) tastes. No dillydallying when doubtless the most cursory of touches will do. Yes, so it is that we do hereby present for your delectation the fruits of our long, hard labours. Yes, in our going beyond the limits of language we run the risk of appearing wilfully obscure. Yes, we shall invite not a little ire, just by our choosing not to sweeten the pill. No matter! Reactions speak louder than words, reactions that might be surmised thus:


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