Friday, 2 January 2009

coming attractions

I've just the other day finished reading Nineteen Seventy Seven, another book in David Peace's much-acclaimed Red Riding series. The stories paint a harrowing portrait of the Ripper years in West Yorkshire, a time the newly gentrified Arcadia of Leeds city centre has almost managed to blot out of the collective memory. The glittering hyper-markets of Harvey Nichols and Vivienne Westwood have drawn a silver veil over events downtown in Millgarth and the Kirkgate market a generation ago. Channel 4 will show 3 film adaptations later in the year, and I'm intrigued to know what they will make of it.

Mark Fisher's k-punk blog has hosted a couple of good articles on these events recently, and you can find them here:

'Can the world be as sad as it seems?'


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