Monday, 5 January 2009


Please note that the forthcoming NEON event on the 23rd has been rescheduled to allow for the Generator Members Show after-party.

Further details will follow in due course!


eileen said...

I hope this is not cheeky, but I'm from the epiphany student collective/website/ blog, and i read your blog.

We are having a closing exhibition in the lower foyer gallery in Duncan of J Jordanstone (5-7 Friday 6th January) then have booked drouthys for afterwards, 7 to 12 midnight.

They said they would provide a DJ, but I would absolutely love it if you would be willing to do it for us as I think the music would be ace for a wee after show soiree.

Don't worry about saying no, I just thought I'd chance it!!

eileen said...

here;s da blog

_Black_Acrylic said...

Hi eileen,
We would be more than happy to play!
If you plan this for February, 6th of January is tonight which is a bit short notice ;-)
_B_A x
ps I've seen the our-epiphany blog, I'm sure it will be an interesting show...

eileen said...

hee hee,

that's great! Sorry, yes it is friday february 6th, mixed up tha dates!

my email address is if you could send your number so I can see if there is anything you need.

thanks again so much!