Friday, 9 January 2009


Salvador Dali, Les Chants de Maldoror: Aphrodite, 1934 edition

Maldoror is an incredible book. Since I first read it last year I've gone back to it a fair few times, and have posted numerous excerpts up on this 'ere blog:

Here's a few related links to the author and the work:
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Maldoror at Google Books
Kenneth Anger's Maldoror project

So much about Ducasse is a mystery, and really the best way to approach the book is to just read the words.


eileen said...

I've just ordered this on amazon...never heard of it till now....looks amazing!

(ps- phoned drouthys and yeah they said all they need is a needle, so good stuff!)

_Black_Acrylic said...

Hi Eileen
I really recommend the book! It's not like anything else written before or since.
You still off to the Timecode opening on Friday? I have a jacket lined up that will shock and amaze!
Ben x