Thursday, 23 April 2009

dear diary 2

Some more information about Wednesday's event:

Critical Review presents two artists run magazines: Yuck 'n Yum (Dundee) and new venture Bareface Mag (Edinburgh).

Bareface is a peer-on-peer enterprise of young artists and writers. Born from the frustrations of stock-rotation, sock sorting and spit-polishing. Brazen, focused and foremost intent on exploring a contemporary dialogue between participants and readers.

New website to be released on the evening.

Yuck 'n Yum is quarterly, downloadable, online viewable, black and white and outgoing. Based in Dundee but interested in the world beyond they WLTM creatives for discreet liaisons, public meets, online flirting, networking, art projects and maybe more.

Topics raised during the evening will include:

i) The relevance of the fanzine format as an exhibition space for artists
ii) The outcomes of global exchange through an online presence
iii) The importance of physical events within their programme
iv) How funding (and the lack of) can create freedoms as well as hindrances for the release of such projects.

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