Friday, 12 February 2010

Julian Oliver - Back Buffer: New Arena Paintings, 12.02.10

To the Hannah Maclure Centre earlier for the Julian Oliver show that I'll be reviewing for The Skinny tomorrow. This from the press release:

Abstract Expressionist painters have long explored strategies for decoupling gestural habit and tendency in their work by means of automatic or chance-based operations. This exhibition by Berlin based artist Julian Oliver represents a new strategy along this vein, deploying a computer game as canvas, paint and brush.

The exhibition represents a major iteration of Oliver's game-based painting system, ioq3aPaint, a project that began in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia as part of a long career exploring artistic applications for computer game technology. ioq3aPaint is itself a modification of the source code of ioquake3, a free-software first person shooter engine used by thousands of gamers and game developers worldwide."

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