Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Retrospective - 2003

I've been putting my new scanner to some use by uploading old photos of artworks I've made over the years. These were taken from an exhibition at the Century gallery in Shoreditch, London and at the Generator Projects members' show in Dundee:

Valis Exegesis (On Behalf of Philip K Dick)

Valis Exegesis (On Behalf of Philip K Dick) (detail)

The Modern Kitten

Fetish Painting


kier said...

hey ben, this is some seriously beautiful stuff. i especially love the modern kitten, fetish painting and the cheshire cats. do you not do that much art anymore? i think you should, not that you're not heavily creatively busy now. i just think this rules. xxx

_Black_Acrylic said...

Hi Kier, thanks so much for that! I'm certainly looking to make more art just now, I've been writing lots and I'm hoping I'll be doing more art in the very near future x