Thursday, 15 September 2011

AGK (a repeat of the post from 18.09.10)

With the AGK 2 on the horizon, now seems like a suitable moment to revisit the sights and sounds of last year's epochal event:

The Chambers Suite, Dundee

Over the summer, Yuck ‘n Yum invited karaoke video submissions from musicians and artists throughout Scotland. At the AGK last night, creative types from around the country journeyed to Dundee to do karaoke battle.

The Skinny's AGK preview


Flash Andrew Maclean

Just Like a Cunt Ben Robinson
“The body imagined as an abattoir.”

I posted my karaoke video on YouTube today:


Theme from Cheers Richie Cummings with Stacey Hunter and Ross Mclean
“Opening Credits from the popular TV series Cheers as re-enacted by folk who were in the Art Bar, Dundee, one Saturday in July”

The Skinny performance prize runner up: 6 tickets for the private and very exclusive Karaoke rooms at Electric Circus in Edinburgh.
Coffee and Dundee Sinead Bracken and Fiona Gordon
“Milky the Milk Carton (from the original music video for Coffee and TV by Blur) spends the day in Dundee.”

I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) Dawn Campbell
“Daniel Pike and myself, Dawn Campbell filmed Stephen Sharp walk barefoot from Dundee to Edinburgh from the 6th of July to the 1st of August 2010. We also gave him his own camera to film a diary of the walk. It is this footage which is used in the Karaoke Video, to Stephen Sharp's approval. The song was chosen because Stephen admitted on an interview that what kept him going on the walk, was constantly singing the song on the video. In the footage it is possible to see the beauty of the landscape as he walks barefoot through Fife, as well as the deteriorating condition of his feet. The rough handheld footage adds a sense of texture, humour and openness, as we join him on his quest.”

Lemon Sole Alasdair Smith
“Gammamoth Productions proudly present- in Haggaro Vision- an audio visual odyssey, in collaboration with legendary music icons ‘The Sang Brothers’. For the first time in history the usually secretive duo have allowed Gammamoth access to a Celtic classic from their extensive Caledonian catalogue.”

What Would You Do / Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Sam Blair

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Catherine Weir
“In the style of The Platters, this video features JOH a cuddly bear indeed!”

Birdhouse in your Soul Derek Lodge and Andrea Sayers
“Video animation centered on the ‘blue canary’ of the song’s lyrics which was inspired by the songwriters’ childhood nightlight.”


Rehab Abi Lewis
“The video features “the wibbly wobbly charms of the paintbrush programme”, bringing Amy Winehouse to life.”

Jammied Ma Pelvis (Suspicious Minds) Andy Macvicar
"Jammied Ma Pelvis is a salute to all those who have taken to the stage in the garb and spirit of elvis. Shortly before his death, Elvis himself anonymously took part in an Elvis Impersonation contest in a local restaurant he happened to be in, only to come in third place. In 1977 there were 170 Elvis impersonators. By 2002 there were 85,000. At that rate of growth, by 2019 a third of the world's population will be Elvis impersonators. The King is dead, but long live the king."

Runner up prize for best video: 2 years subscription to MAP magazine
Debaser Andy Sim / Fear Wasabi
“We’ve made you a movie and we want you to know, we’re sewing up eye balls, we’re seeing the words we’re(not the Pixies) fitting our dogs with lasers, don’t know about you but we are debasers.”

The AGK champ receives £300 and a mini residency at the Hannah Maclure Centre performance and cinema space:
I’m Your Biggest Fan (Paparazzi) Rachel Maclean
“I’m Your Biggest Fan sucks the viewer into a morphing toy town, a sexy sugary space which reinterprets ‘Lady Gaga’s’ hit ‘Paparazzi’. Alluding to the recent internet scandal questioning her gender.”

You Gotta Problem / Dance Yrself Clean (Medley) Alex Hetherington

“A Variety of video edits to accompany songs by Toni Basil and LCD Soundsystem.”

Resident DJ Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson spins a ‘works night out’ set post Karaoke.

Whigfield - Saturday Night

Tamperer feat. Maya - Feel It

Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)

DJ Jurgen presents Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone

Dj Sammy - Heaven

Haddaway-What is Love

Corona - Rhythm of the Night

London Boys - Requiem

Kenkraft 3000 - Zombie Nation

Ian Van Dahl - Castles in the Sky

Darude - Sandstorm

System F - Out of the Blue

DJ Jean - The Launch

Binary Finary - 1998

BBE - Seven Days and One Week

IKO - Digital Delight

Ferrara - Love Attack

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