Saturday, 17 September 2011

n_ilk @ Dundee Botanic Garden 17.09.11

To the Dundee Botanic Garden yesterday for n_ilk, a "music & arts micro-festival". Crowds, rain, degenerates wearing flowers in their hair, yes this was a festival alright. Live performances took place in the big Botanics greenhouse which was installed with an amazingly good soundsystem. Musical highlights were DJ duo Baba Gogo and the mighty Stefan Blomeier. Baba Gogo opened their set with the Joubert Singers, a record that found its perfect context here. Blomeier destroyed any lingering audience hippiedom with a righteous, acid-inflected live set.

A greenhouse

Festival fun

Sonny Carntyne

Your correspondent and Ryan share a moment

The crowd contemplate Baba Gogo

Joubert Singers - Stand On The Word (Larry Levan mix)

Stefan Blomeier brings the noise

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