Sunday, 18 September 2011


Perfume is important. I've used it in my artwork, so it must be. When the latest bottle of 2 Man ran dry last week, I felt that a change was necessary. But a change to what? Comme des Garçons is getting too expensive for an everyday fragrance. So I did some research on Basenotes, and happened upon a review of L'Anarchiste. That might bring to mind photos of David Beckham wearing his diamante-studded T-shirt with the Crass logo. Crass, being a legendary anarcho-punk band, were rightly outraged and requested that Beckham make a donation to a political cause they support. He didn't, of course.

But the reviews made for a good sell. "Metallic", "like blood", "a hint of toothpaste". It smells strong and lasts for ages. People will smell it on me and ask what scent I am wearing. "Oh, this is by the French perfumier Caron. It's called L'Anarchiste." I will look cool.

It arrived in the post yesterday, in a box emblazoned with a quote by Antonin Artaud. This is a good start. As for the scent itself, well it's really more for going out on the razzle-dazzle. It does have a cool name though, and there is a definite hint of toothpaste.

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