Friday, 27 July 2012

(((echo))) @ DCA 26.07.12 - pictures

To the DCA last night to deliver a talk as part of their (((echo))) event. Artwork by myself and other Dundee-based artists got installed in the galleries for the evening. Curator Graham Domke took a few photos, and here they are:

Your correspondent holds forth

Valerie Norris - Songs for Girls to Sing, 2012
Cinthia Marcelle - Capa Morada, 2003

Rob Pruitt - Evian Fountain, 2012
Dan Shay - Untitled, 2012
Rob Pruitt - Google Search: Sweetie Sunshine Edinburgh Pandas, 2012
Rob Pruitt - Esprit de Corps: Cowboy / Mobius Strip, 2006
Ben Robinson - Suicide Beyonce, 2004

Eilidh McNair - Involution

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