Saturday, 14 July 2012

Uncle Goddamn

Anyone see this video? It's this real trashy, old, sixty minute, shot-on-video home movie that some real strange people make and then somehow got distributed and became one of those popular little college frathouse videos that everyone had seen. I've seen it and it made me real sick to my stomach. I could barely finish it and I doubt I'll ever watch it again. It's not gross, exactly. It's just weird and creepy in a real strange way. I think it may have been the inspiration for that show Jackass, but I'm not sure. These redneck folk play all these pranks on each other and wreak havok and screw with each other in all these juvenile ways. The most infamous part is where they spend, like, twenty five straight minutes (no joke) torturing their drunk uncle in all these real cruel ways like painting on his face with silver spray paint and setting his crotch on fire over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. It's a little bit funny at first, I admit, but after the first three minutes it becomes real sad and then it just gets disturbing because they just keep screwing with him and doing all these terrible sick things to him. It's really repulsive stuff. I really hated it. I wouldn't recommend it personally. Here's the link for it. 

Anyway, when I saw the trailer for this film, Trash Humpers, I immediately thought of The Incredible Redneck Torture Tape. Then it got me thinking, found shot-on-video footage in that kind of grainy, ugly quality would really make for a great horror film. Now I know that there's stuff out there like The Blair Witch and Cloverleaf, and of course there's the first two August Underground films ( the third was shot on digital video). Also we have the films of Guiseppi Andrews as well. What I'm thinking, however, is something even more cheap and more simplistic than all of that stuff. Like, I really do think that there could be an audience for films like this. I think Trash Humpers may possibly be the start of a new sub-genre of horror films. Now of course I'm not saying it'll be a popular kind of film, but imagine the kinds of weird, f-cked up sh-t that some twisted minded filmmakers could create. It doesn't have to be totally real, like The Incredible Redneck Torture Tape. It could be a whole other world being explored. Filmmaking really is still in it's infancy, and I'm quite excited for the future of cinema.

It wasn't dubbed "The Amazing Redneck Torture Tape" for nothing -- and now curious viewers who may have only heard about this remarkable collection of cruel, drunken pranks when it was nothing more than an underground sensation can finally see firsthand what all of the fuss was about. From the pranksters wrapping their hopelessly drunken uncle's head with duct-tape to lighting his crotch on fire, there's no shortage of alcohol-fueled shenanigans here, and viewers will be shocked into laughter as the merciless tormentors find new and creative means of sending the hapless, foul-mouthed uncle into an alcohol-fueled, profanity-strewn rage. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

After the question and answer period, we approached (Richard Metzger) and talked with him for quite awhile. He was just so genuine, and I guess I was surprised. You just never know. I thanked him for entertaining many of my stoned friends with the Uncle Goddamn clips to which he told me that was exactly what they were for. Sad news though...Uncle Goddamn died of pneumonia and his family buried him in the backyard. Yes, that is illegal. The money they got from Disinfo for the footage was used to buy him a headstone. God.

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