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Raf Simons Closer Collection Autumn/Winter 2003/2004

‘Closer’ was Raf Simons‘ fall/winter 2003/2004 collection. He worked together with the archive of Peter Saville (the graphics designer for bands like Joy Division and New Order). You will find little graphics of Peter Saville on jackets and sweaters. The fall/winter 2003/2004 collection “reflects on the process of growing up and (re)considering adulthood, citing references to childhood dress codes, formal business looks and ghetto."

Autumn-Winter 2003-2004. Collaboration with Peter Saville. Hand-painting on garments executed by Stef Driesen and Antoinetta Deluca. Cis, Johan, Peter. Photographed by Willy Vanderperre. Hair: Tom Malomgre. Make-up: Peter Philips. Paris, 2003

"Raf is one of the great pioneers of convergence, transporting the art of sub-cultures into contemporary fashion"
Peter Saville, Graphic Designer

Peter Saville, he of the Joy Division/New Order sleeves and the finest Factory graphics is a landmark in British culture. Paid tribute to for A/W 03-04, German military parkas, flat caps, knitwear and more featured, with visuals – some never seen – from the Saville's archive, selected by Simons. The collection nodded to vintage British looks, dedicated to the man who has done so much for music and visual art, as well as reflecting on the process of growing up – childhood dress codes and formal business looks contrast each other. Handworked parkas from Closer were included in the Peter Saville exhibit at London's Design Museum, 2003. 

This season, Raf Simons was granted full access to the archives of Peter Saville. Raf Simons made a personal selection of Saville-designed works (some of them previously unseen) to integrate them into his collection. As a long-time admirer of Peter Saville, Raf Simons considers this a great honour, and therefore dedicates his collection to the man who put an unique spin on music culture. The collection itself focuses on traditional styles and fabrics, augmented by a mod influence. Linked to the aesthetics of Peter Saville, there are also touches of early Russian Constructivism, Bauhaus and vintage British looks. At the same time, the collection reflects on the process of growing up and (re)considering adulthood, citing references to childhood dress codes, formal business looks and ghetto rebellion. 

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